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About Islampur

Islampur is a small town in the Nalanda district of Bihar. Islampur is famous for Delhi Darbar ruins, an old building similar to the Red Fort in Delhi. The original construction of the monument dates back to 1345 CE and it is said it took nearly 20 years to complete. The ruins of this monument have been a major tourist attraction for people of the district and Bihar. The town is located at 25.15°N 85.2°E and has an average elevation of about 63 meters.

About Islampur

Transport in Islampur

Islampur does not have a bus stop of its own. However one can get regular buses to the town of Hilsa which is at a distance of 21 km from the town. Rajgir is another nearby bus stop to the town which is of the Rajgir town.  The Rajgir bus stop is at a distance of 23 km from the town. Islampur has its its own railway station from where one can catch train to several destinations of Bihar. The town does have an airport. Patna and Gaya airports are two nearest airports from here. The Patna airport is at a distance of 49 km and the Gaya airport is at a distance of 44 km from the town of Islampur.

Hotels in Islampur

There are few of hotels and lodges located in this aprt of Bihar.

Hotel Vandana Vishal
Address: Islampur - Rajgir - Parwatipur Rd, Bangali Para, Rajgir
Phone: 098019 32700

Hotel Vijay Niketan
Address: Beside Ram Krishna Math Rajgir, Hot Spring waterfall, Kund Road, Rajgir, Bihar
Phone: 098356 20220

Hotel Ratnagiri
Address: Near Bus Stand, Bihar Sharif Road, National Highway 82, Nalanda, Rajgir, Bihar
Phone: 099338 81111

Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort
Address: Bunglow No 1, District Nalanda, Rajgir, Bihar
Phone: 097714 86400

Hotel Mahalaxmi
Address: Bus stand, Rajgir, Nalanda, Bihar
Phone: 093345 09202

Hotel Laxmi Palace
Address: College Road, Bangali Para, Rajgir, Bihar
Phone: 093345 09202

Hotel Samrat & Restaurant
Address: Near Bus Stand, National Highway 82, Rajgir, Bihar 803116
Phone: 093345 09202

Restaurants in Islampur

There are also a variety of restaurants so that one can enjoy the local food while traveling in this town.

Gokul Sweets
Address: SH 4, Islampur, Bihar 801303
Phone: 098352 17801

Nirmala Sweets
Address: Islampur - Rajgir - Parwatipur Rd, Burha Nagar, Ranapratap Nagar, Islampur, Bihar 801303

Shiv Sweets
Address: SH 4, Gaurav Nagar, Nalanda, Islampur, Bihar 801301
Phone: 099392 89120

Healthcare in Islampur

The town is also well prepared for any kind of medical emergency. Apart from few hospitals there are also chemist shops to meet all types of medical emergencies in Islampur.

Eye Hospital
Address: SH71, Islampur, Bihar 801303
Phone: 099348 92431

Locus Hospital
Address: Islampur - Rajgir - Parwatipur Rd, Islampur, Bihar 801303
Phone: 091028 05161

Priya Hospital
Address: Gaurav Nagar, Islampur, Bihar 801301
Phone: 097988 52920

Jeevandeep Hospital
Address: SH71, Islampur, Bihar 801303

Janta Homoeopathy Clinic
Address: Durga Asthan, Bazaarpar, Keshri Market, Islampur, Islampur, Bihar 801303
Phone: 097984 15761

Primary Health Centre
Address: Islampur, Nalanda, SH-71, Nalanda, Nalanda, Bihar 803101
Phone: 094300 03511

Manorama Nursing Home
Address: Ranapratap Nagar, Islampur, Bihar 801303

Surya Nursing Home
Address: Islampur Road, SH 4, Ekangar Sarai, Bihar 801301
Phone: 06111 264 021

Madhu Medical Store
Address: Islampur - Rajgir - Parwatipur Rd, Rajgir, Bihar 803116
Phone: 082926 32428

Anu Medical Hall
Address: Islampur, Bihar 801303
Phone: 098350 18768

Sangita Medical Hall
Address: E Central Railway, Islampur, Bihar 801303

Shiv Pharma
Address: SH71, Ranapratap Nagar, Islampur, Bihar 801303

Ravi Medical Agency
Address: E Central Railway, Islampur, Bihar 804406
Phone: 074880 78004

Despite being a small town the town has various chowkis set up though out so as to keep law and order in check. Hence the safety of the citizens has nowhere been comprised by the government.

Islampur Police Station
Address: SH 4, Ranapratap Nagar, Islampur, Bihar 8013

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